Skin Care with a Conscience: Fable Naturals at EPIC 2012

Fable Naturals will be participating in Fair Trade Vancouver’s Fair Trade Pavilion at this year’s EPIC 2012 Sustainability Living Expo: May 11-13. Join over 300 companies and organizations at the Vancouver Convention Centre to learn about what’s new in ethical and sustainable living. This year, we’ll also be asking you to think about what Fair Trade Steps you can take for 2012!

The following is a brief interview with Gwen Richards at Fable Naturals.

What can you tell me about Fable Naturals?

We started Fable Naturals with the idea of providing a line of simple, ethical skin care products. We make everything here in Vancouver using as many Fair Trade certified and organic ingredients as possible. What we are trying to create is summed up with “skin care with a conscience”; it emphasizes our goal of growing as a sustainable company that truly cares about people over profit. 

How are natural cosmetic products different from other cosmetic products?

The term “natural” has different meanings to different people. For us it means using the least processed ingredients and cutting out chemicals such as parabens and SLS. Understanding what is in the skin care products you use should be important to consumers. While not everyone has the time to do extensive research, we need to be aware of what we're putting in and on our bodies. The David Suzuki Foundation has a great campaign on their website called 'Dirty Dozen' to get consumers thinking about what's in their beauty products.

What are some common misconceptions about beauty products that consumers should be aware of?

People often think that the word organic in a brand name or description means that everything to do with that product is organic. Another misconception that people have is that all preservatives are bad when in fact they're not. Many products need some type of preservative to protect it from bacteria, yeast and mold.

What can readers expect to see from you at this year's EPIC show?

We will be showing off our new line of lip balms (packaged in biodegradable tubes!), lotions and soaps. We are really passionate about sustainability and we'd love to talk about our company and get feedback from your readers!

What steps will you be making in the coming year to support Fair Trade? (Take a step campaign)

As individuals we buy Fair Trade coffee, tea and most often chocolate. I want to make all my chocolate cravings Fair Trade this year. With so many choices, there's no excuse! As a company we'd like to get more involved with promoting Fair Trade Vancouver and being a part of community events.