This year at EPIC: Canterbury Coffee Roasters

Canterbury Coffee Roasters will be participating in Fair Trade Vancouver’s Fair Trade Pavilion at this year’s EPIC 2012 Sustainability Living Expo: May 11-13. Join over 300 companies and organizations at the Vancouver Convention Centre to learn about what’s new in ethical and sustainable living. This year, we’ll also be asking you to think about what Fair Trade Steps you can take for 2012!

The following is a brief interview with Shelaine of Canterbury coffee roasters.

What can you tell me about Canterbury Coffee Roasters?

Canterbury Coffee is western Canada’s largest small-batch roaster of 100% Arabica coffees. With over 30 years of roasting expertise, Canterbury is a noted leader in roasting technology and processes, packaging, and quality control. We are committed to sustainable souring, roasting perfection, and efficient distribution of quality coffee and complementary beverage products to foodservice, grocery, and specialty cafes across Canada.


Where does Canterbury roast its coffee?

In Richmond, BC since 1981.


What goes into roasting excellent quality coffee?

The roasting process is part-art, part-science. We begin by sourcing premium, high grade Arabica Beans, selected at the peak of harvest. At our roasting facility, each new shipment is sample roasted and cupped for aroma, body, and flavour. This is integral to our quality controls. The degree of roast is determined by the type of bean and is chosen in order to draw out the subtle characteristics of the coffee bean. Our Certified Q-Grader Roastmaster, John Gray, takes into consideration the beans place of origin, drying process, altitude it was grown, and the density of the bean. After the optimal roast colour is chosen, our machinery and quality control labs’ ability to replicate it time after time will ensure that our customers receive the highest and most consistent quality in the industry.


What can readers expect to see from you at this year’s EPIC Show?

At this year’s EPIC Show, we will be offering samples of some of the most exceptional fairtrade and organic coffees from Ethiopia, Thailand, and a Signature Blend from South America / Asia. Readers will also hear about what our fairtrade and organic premiums support. These brands include reSIProcate organic coffee, Doi Chaang Coffee, and Spirit Bear Coffee.


What steps will you be making in the coming year to support Fair Trade?

This year we will be taking a closer look at the impact of fairtrade premiums and bringing those stories to life. We are also attempting to generate feedback from the farmers and the co-ops.