EPIC 2012: Check out Level Ground!

Level Ground will be participating in Fair Trade Vancouver’s Fair Trade Pavilion at this year’s EPIC 2012 Sustainability Living Expo: May 11-13. Join over 300 companies and organizations at the Vancouver Convention Centre to learn about what’s new in ethical and sustainable living. This year, we’ll also be asking you to think about what Fair Trade Steps you can take for 2012!

Stacy Toews gives us the goods on what goods we can expect to see at this year's EPIC:

What can you tell me about Level Ground?

We've been in business for 15 years now. This year we are trading with 10 groups in 8 countries. We're purchasing the harvest of about 5,000 small-scale farming families. Our mission is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in developing countries, offering our customers ethical choices.


What sorts of products does Level Ground offer?

We carry coffee, dried fruits and cane sugar. We're working on a variety of products to launch in the next few months. Tea from Assam, India will be the first.


Can you explain a bit about Level Ground's commitments to Direct Trade?

We've always approached business with producer groups via Direct Fair Trade. We are dialogue with them, trade directly and fully reveal both what we pay for products and how much of what we pay makes it into farmers' pockets.


 What can readers expect to see from you at this year’s EPIC Show?

At this year's EPIC we'll be located, as always, in the Fair Trade Pavilion. We plan to offer a variety of French press prepared coffees to share with visitors. We'll be selling a full range of our coffees, dried fruits (the mango is always ridiculously popular with customers!) as well as our organic cane sugar.


What steps will you be making in the coming year to support Fair Trade?

This year we'll be building new trading partnerships, launching new products and further increasing the transparency we extend to any and all on how we engage in Direct Fair Trade with small-scale farmers.