This year at EPIC: OJAS Ayurveda & Yoga

OJAS Ayurveda & Yoga will be participating in Fair Trade Vancouver’s Fair Trade Pavilion at this year’s EPIC 2012 Sustainability Living Expo: May 11-13. Join over 300 companies and organizations at the Vancouver Convention Centre to learn about what’s new in ethical and sustainable living. This year, we’ll also be asking you to think about what Fair Trade Steps you can take for 2012!


Vicky Strom shares a bit about her relationship with Ayurvedic massage and soaps from India:

I was in love, in love with a certain form of massage, Ayurvedic massage. This led me to Kerala India where I studied this fantastic healing art. While I was there I found these beautiful Ayurvedic soaps, packaged in a bio-degradable palm leaf, all natural, made with healing herbs and essential oils. But, the best part was who made them. These soaps are made by deserted, divorced, separated, single uneducated women. Giving them an opportunity to support their families, and be a contributing part of society, a role that had been taken away.

I brought a bunch of these soaps home and people went crazy for them. Now, it’s all well and good when you hear about these great ideals with products, but, is it for real? To satisfy my curiosity I went back to India and met these wonderful women, saw where they worked, met the family that owns the company (who are some of the kindest people ever) and decided the West needed these soaps, not that we are a stinky lot. I started importing them and selling them, I then decided to make it a full circle and donate to WAVAW "Women against violence against women.” So, the circle involves buying soaps to help the women in India, and the women in India make the soaps to help the women in Canada. Give, receive, receive, give. It’s my pleasure and honour to be able to carry this product, and I hope to have more products like this in the future. 


What can we expect to see from Vicki and OJAS at EPIC 2012?

People can expect to see, smell, touch and of course buy some beautiful Ayurvedic soaps made by disadvantaged women in India. In the future, I plan to buy only fair trade coffee, plus look for more products to bring to Canada that are fair trade, hopefully more exotic soaps.