Happy World Fair Trade Day!

Happy World Fair Trade Day from Fair Trade Vancouver!

Fair Trade has been getting its time in the spotlight. Check out these to stories that feature interviews with Fair Trade Vancouver's Executive Director, Sean McHugh.

EPIC toasts World Fair Trade Day with new beer | MetroNews

--Story by Kate Webb

“Fair Trade is all about relationships, and building a direct, more respectful, more equitable trading system, and World Fair Trade Day celebrates bringing that kind of relationship back into how we conduct ourselves in business and trade,” McHugh said.

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What to look for in Fair Trade: Products being showcased at EP!C this weekend | News1130

—Story by Mike Lloyd

"People traditionally think of 'fair trade' as it relates to coffee but, in actual fact, we're talking about an entire alternate global trading system which puts social and environmental standards in place," says Sean McHugh with Fair Trade Vancouver.

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