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The Latest Buzz: Doi Chaang Fair Trade Coffee Offered at 7-Elevens Nationwide | Fairtrade Canada

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By Bryce Tarling

Walk into any 7-Eleven in the country and you’ll see floor-to-ceiling posters within the store windows, advertising Fairtrade certified coffee from the Doi Chaang Coffee Company. The posters match the tent cards set up around coffee stations and coffee cups that also sport the Doi Chaang brand.

It’s all part of 7-Eleven’s World Roast Program that aims to introduce quality blends of coffee from around the world and expand the credibility of the franchise’s java offerings — all at the same price as a regular cup of coffee.

If there was ever any argument that Fair Trade needs to be expensive, it’s been tossed out with the morning’s spent coffee grinds.

The Fair Trade offering, although temporary (the promotion will be available until the end of August), could be a sign that the mass market is changing. The 7-Eleven promotion will offer Fair Trade coffee in approximately 450 locations nationwide.
Spreading the word

According to Tanya Jacoboni, Vice President of Business Development at Doi Chaang, people from around the country, in towns as small as Fort McMurray have sent word via Facebook and Twitter about their most recent Fair Trade coffee purchases. “7-Eleven is actually quite big in those smaller areas,” says Jacoboni. “You’re not going to get any Starbucks. You need that local convenience store.”

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